Official MAiM Dealers

Here is a list of our official MAiM Dealers where you can order our Products.
We are in knowledge that our products are recasted and illegal copys are sold in china! So if you want to be sure to get original and high quality MAiM Products, order from our official Dealers or directly in our Webshop!
Please note: we will not handle any claim of missing parts, bad casted products if you bought our products from recasters in china!

If you bought one of our products and not sure if you get a original MAiM Product, please contact us.

Official Dealers in Europe!

MAiM Official Webshop =
located in Germany, we ship worldwide and we stock 100% of the MAiM Range!

Der Sockelshop =
located in Germany, shipping worldwide and stocks 100% of the MAiM Range all the time! =
located in Germany, stocks 5-10% of the MAiM Range, Restocks regulary.

Modellbau König =
located in Germany. Stocks only 5-15% of the official MAiM Range!
Restocks a few times a year only.

Steelmodels =
located in Italy and stocks only 5-10% of the whole MAiM Range. Restock 1-2 a year.

FoG - Fields of Glory Models =
located in UK and stocks nearly 90% of the whole MAiM Range. Restocks regularly (monthly)

MN-Models =
located in Czech and stocks 100% of the whole MAiM Range. Restocks regularly!

Official Dealer in Australia!

BNA Models =
located in Australia and stocks nearly 90% of the whole MAiM Range. Restocks 2-3 yearv

Official Dealer in USA

Hobbyworld-USA =
located in USA and stocks ca 50% of the whole MAiM Range but growing. Restocks regulary.

If you are a dealer and interested to become a official MAiM Dealer please contact our support Team!